We are a small group training fitness studio, specializing in HIIT (high intensity interval training) and functional compound movements to help strengthen and tone your entire body. We use equipment such as Pro-grade Kettle bells, Olympic Barbells and bumper weight plates, Hex Dumbbells (up to 30kg), TRX, Battle Ropes, 20m sled track, Large flipping tyres, Concept 2 rowers, Vortec spin bikes, Sandbags, Bulgarian Bags, Heavy and Medium boxing bags, speed balls, VIPR, Medicine Balls, Speed ropes, Power bands, Torsonator and heaps more..

Our group classes run between 30-45 minutes and range from Cardiovascular based to Strength based to a HYBRID of both. We have also created a unique HYBRID class of Boxing and Conditioning to create intense, insanely fun cardio workouts. See a full range of class descriptions...

We pride ourselves on creating a team environment and providing our members with 24/7 support and motiviation by utilizing MYZONE heart rate technology to create challenges that all members can take part in. MYZONE rewards effort not your fitness level so no matter what your current fitness level, with a bit of hard work you can take out one of the HYBRID ZONES quarterly challenges.

The difference between us and a standard gym is, when you train with us you become part of a team and a culture. You mean something to us when you walk through the door. You're no longer just a number in a large member database. You are always greeted by your name, helped through every single workout and most importantly, you WILL get results! 

Shane is of the most experienced trainers you will find around Perth, with over 12 Years of knowledge and experience you know you will be taken care of. We accept fitness levels of all types and experience levels. Our proven system is flawless in the way it can accommodate a complete beginner and a expert in the same class without compromising any ones workout. 



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Shane Mackenzie (Owner/Director)

Shane entered the Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer in April of 2006. Briefly working for a large club and then excelling into his own personal training business with over 50 clients doing multiple sessions per week within a couple of months. In 2013 he took a step up to become the Club Manager whilst still operating his personal training business on the side. From 2012 - 2015 he became a course facilitator for the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and helped qualify over 50 new personal trainers. Shane has a passion for fitness and business with a creative mind and positive outlook. He believes that you become what you think about most and The Hybrid Zone will help you create that positive mind set. In 2006-2007 he set 5 weightlifting world records including Bench press, Clean and press, 2'' Bar Deadlift, One arm snatch and a 2 man clean and press.  In his down time he is a hobbyist woodworker and enjoys working on projects around the home and garden.