MYZONE is an easy-to-use monitoring system that provides real-time heart rate, calories and effort data. Physical activity from both inside and outside of the club is wirelessly uploaded to you and your trainer, and owner of the cloud account, providing relevant data that can be accessed anywhere in the world.


A MEP is a MYZONE effort point. At The Hybrid Zone we have integrated MYZONE into our training zone to give members live workout feedback that can be seen on the TV's mounted around the club. MEPS are earned based on the effort they are putting in to their workout. For example; a heart rate of 50-59% of their maximum HR will produce 1 MEP for every minute they are in that zone, 60-69% gives 2 MEPS per minute, 70-79% gives 3 points per minute, 80-89% and 90-100% both give 4 points per minute. As MEPS are based on an individuals effort and not based upon how fit the member is, all members are put on a level playing field and we reward effort given and not overall fitness level. We use these MEPS to set challenges within the club, we announce a weekly MEPS winner each week and we even have an elite club of members who earn 1500 MEPS or more in 1 week which is called the HYBRID FIT CLUB. 


The beat of the heart is the gold standard of physical activity monitoring, and is the only accurate measure of effort (intensity). The World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Guidelines are based on intensity. MYZONE automatically notifies users when weekly guidelines have been achieved, providing Health Club Operators with credible data on physical activity levels in their community. Identifying and rewarding effort over time is key to effective training and motivating members to achieve results. Intensity matters and effort is a choice, so that’s why we measure and reward it.


Track ALL physical activity. No fitness equipment required. No reliance on self-reporting.


Effort-based game functionalities like challenges and leaderboards make exercise fun and engaging.


Simple, color-coded live feedback motivates YOU to stay on track. See results by identifying effort over time and highlighting progression towards YOUR goals.


MYZONE is validated at a leading Sport Science Institute and is 99.4% accurate to an ECG machine, ensuring that YOU get the highest standards when it comes to the tracking of physical activity.


Members can view their exercise, track nutrition, view before and after photos, and interact with their trainer through the convenient, free mobile app.


Screens around the club provide a real-time display of members heart rate, training intensity, points earned and calories burned. Instant feedback and immediate reward drives motivation and encourages habit formation.


Personalized accounts provide members with detail on all exercise and nutrition, as well as highlighting progress towards personal goals and results. The enhanced 2.0 accounts leverage game and social features to motivate sustained physical activity.


Provides members with real-time feedback while away from the club, helping them get the most from their physical activity.