Fail to Succeed

Welcome back to Motivation Mondays!

This is the 3rd Video of the year bringing you a new reason to get out of bed today! This weeks video is titled "Fail to Succeed". In life, and in the gym...Failure is a necessary thing that must happen in order to grow physically, mentally or emotionally. Without failure we could not learn from our mistakes, or give our bodies a reason to change. You MUST bring your muscles to the point of failure in order for them to adapt and change to deal with the new stimulus.

"You never truly fail, as long as you learn something from it".

Did you know that the famous Colonel Sanders had his chicken recipe for KFC rejected 1009 times before being sold. And Walt Disney was rejected 302 times before finally getting financing for his idea for Disney world. Silvester Stallone's script for Rocky was rejected over 1500 times before finally cutting a deal with United Artists. There are countless more cases like this but can you imagine if these men gave up after the 1st rejection or even the 100th failure. How different our world would be today. 

Have a watch of the video we've put together this week (1:36 mins long), close your eyes put the headphones on and visualize yourself in the moment you hit your goal. 

Video Title: "Fail to Succeed”