Change the way you think about training.

Over the years of training people and seeing people on a weekly or daily basis, one particular goal that is by far the most common that people seek help for is weight loss. Now I'm not saying that going to a gym or paying for extra help won't help you lose weight faster because it will. But in all honesty if you want to lose weight and see fast results you need to change the way you eat!

To put this into perspective; if you go to the gym every day for 1 hour and manage to burn off 400 calories (which is one hour of moderate exercise for most) that's the equivalent to a couple of beers or a small to medium sized meal. Now most people who are overweight and those who continue to gain weight will typically consume around 1000-2000 calories above what their daily output is. Heading to the gym to burn off 400 calories will still keep them above their daily limit. 

I'm not a qualified dietitian or nutritionist so i'm not going to go into any detail about what you should be consuming but i am a qualified and highly experienced trainer who has helped hundreds of people lose weight over the years shedding hundreds if not thousands of Kilo's. So i want to talk more about training. When you head to the gym from now on i want you to change your focus from losing weight to focusing on a fitness or strength goal. This will force you to train at higher intensities and shock your body to want to change and adapt to the workload being put on it. Instead of jumping on the old faithful cross trainer or treadmill and working at the same intensity for 30-60 mins barely getting your heart rate over 60-70% of its maximum you should incorporate some intervals of high and low intensity. 

For example. If you do choose to jump on the treadmill set the pace to about 80-90% of how fast you can go and try run for 30-60 seconds and then allow yourself a 30-60 second break of 40-50% of your maximum. 

The next time you step foot into your gym, just remember that you are there with the goal to increase your bodies capacity to burn calories while at rest. By increasing your muscle strength and mass your metabolism naturally increases which as a result will help to reduce body fat levels and make it easier to maintain a health weight. Your fitness routine should include a healthy combination of resistance/strength training along with some HIIT cardio.  

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