The Benefits of a Plank



What is a Plank?


A plank is an isometric or static exercise that positions your body against gravity in such a way to target mainly your abdominals but also other muscles in your core, hips, legs and shoulders to develop strength and endurance. Anyone from athletes to those interested in developing core strength to alleviate lower back pain can benefit from regular plank exercises in their workouts. 

How to Plank?

The plank is performed by laying on your front, forearms on the ground with elbows under your shoulders and feet together or shoulder width apart. From this position raise the hips to create a straight line through the torso and thighs so that you are holding yourself up on your forearms and toes. Push your heels back ensuring that your shoulders remain over your elbows and squeeze your glutes and core. Hold this position for as long as possible while keeping perfect posture.There are many variations on this base position including raised arms(on a bench), single leg and side planks to name a few. 

Benefits of Planking.

There are many benefits to performing planks on a regular basis. These include:

• Increased core strength

• Increased core endurance

• Improved posture

• Decreased back pain

• Decreased risk of injury

• Increased performance through other movements or workouts

• Increased sporting performance

• Increased mental capability do deal with exercise

Here at The Hybrid Zone we incorporate basic planking as well as many variations on planking into our workouts so that our members experience all the benefits associated with performing planks regularly. If you would like to learn more or experience these benefits we can offer you, book your free 1 week trial today.    


Author Alan Williams

Managing Director | Hybrid Trainer