The Benefits of Strength Training for Women


Many women avoid strength training for a fear of "bulking up"  And yet they want the body of the woman who does a lot of strength training. I'm here to tell you that not only is strength training extremely effective for a number of reasons which I am about to list, but you will not bulk up as a result of incorporating strength training into your fitness regime. 

Here are the benefits:  

1. You will lose body fat

2. You will gain strength 

3. You will decrease your risk of osteoporosis

4. You will improve your athletic performance  

5. You will be physically stronger and thus make day to day tasks MUCH easier

6. You will build confidence

7. You will improve your posture

8. You will reduce your risk of heart disease

9. You will reduce your risk of Diabetes

10. Your mood will improve and can help fight depression

11. Your metabolism will increase (you will burn more calories while at rest)  

12. You will find it easier to keep weight off

13. You can start at any age and still get the benefits

14. You will regret it if you don't start now!  

At The Hybrid Zone we incorporate strength exercises into all classes classes besides our Cardio range. We also have a pure Strength range Of classes which are challenging, fun and highly beneficial. We have some members burning more calories in our strength classes than any other class.  

Conclusion; if you aren't incorporating strength training into your weekly fitness routine, you should start now! At The Hybrid Zone we can help you get started with a range of functional strength exercises to suit all levels of fitness. You will be glad you did. 



Author, Shane Mackenzie

Managing Director | Hybrid Trainer