TRX Training | The Benefits

What is a TRX?

A TRX is a suspension tool that allows you to manipulate your body position against gravity to perform a range of resistance exercise that can target strength, cardio and flexibility quickly and effectively. By changing your body position you can control how much of your body weight you are lifting, allowing you to control the intensity of the exercises performed.  This makes it suitable for any fitness level.

A TRX consists of two handles attached by a strap to a fixed anchor point that can support your body weight. Using these handles you can perform a range of functional training movements using your own body weight as the resistance. Combine this with the stabilisation required to control the handles and your body through these movements and you have all the elements required for an amazing workout.  TRX was developed by Navy seals to allow fast and efficient training with minimal equipment and space. 

If you would like to see the TRX in action watch the following short video.

Benefits of TRX Training

There are many benefits of TRX training such as:

• Increased core strength and endurance

• Increased functional strength and endurance

• Increased cardio endurance

• Increased joint mobility and stability

• Increased bone density

• Decreased body fat percentage

• Increased lean muscle mass

• Decreased risk of injury

• Increased performance with sports specific movements

Here at The Hybrid Zone we incorporate TRX training into just about all of our classes so that our members experience all of these benefits for themselves. If you want to experience these benefits or try our amazing classes book your free week trial today.