DOUBLE UNDERS | Tips and tricks


The Official Definition:

According to Skipping Rope in Wikipedia, double unders are performed when, the participant needs to jump up higher than usual while swinging the rope twice under his or her feet. 

Although for most of us this is accurate, a good double under wouldn't have you jump any higher at all. Your body must remain stiff (the same as you would as performing a single under) however your rope speed doubles. If you want to master consecutive the double unders so that there are no single skips between doubles then you must learn to keep a stiff body (don't kick your feet back). 

There is no real easy way to become good at double unders fast. It comes with a lot of practice, patience and a little bit of know how.  


Consider this; to perform a double under you only have to create one extra turn of the rope in the same jump. The biggest mistake I see is that people will begin the double under attempt once the rope has already past under their feet and then have to create 2 fast full turns to create 1 double under. Are you still with me? Instead what you should be doing is beginning the double under as the rope passes over your head and is on the way down to your feet. When you start to increase your rope speed prior to the rope passing under your feet you only have to perform a partial turn + one additional turn to complete the double under. 

Timing is key with the double under. Yes! You must have speed, endurance, power and a little bit of skill but those of you who are just starting out and would simply love to just get 1 under the belt, this is your best starting point. 

When performed correctly and consecutively double unders can be one of the best exercises as part of your HIIT training or any fitness regime. With regular practice double unders will help you:

  • Improve fitness
  • Improve endurance  
  • Improve speed and agility
  • Improve coordination  

The other benefits of double unders:

  • cheap!
  • can be done almost anywhere
  • take a rope in your suitcase for fast effective holiday workouts  
  • challenging and fun!  
  • High intensity

Currently at The Hybrid Zone we have a double unders challenge built into our workouts. Simply perform as many as possible in a 40 second interval, which has been built into our hybrid classes. We understand the benefits of double unders and our members have accepted the challenge and are dramatically improving week by week. If your not already, start learning the art of a double under now! 

Here is an excellent video explaining double under setup, technique and progression.


Author, Shane Mackenzie | Managing Director | Hybrid Trainer