No Time or No Time Management?

It’s easy with our busy lifestyles to feel like there is just no way to squeeze in a workout. Between work, family and social commitments it can be hard to identify any time left to train.

However it’s important to understand that just a 45min workout 3-5 times per week can in fact make you a more productive worker, a better more energetic parent and give you the required energy boost to meet all social commitments. Knowing this it might be a little easier to sacrifice that extra 30mins of sleep to squeeze in a workout. You will benefit more from the workout than you will hitting the snooze button trust me.

So with all these commitments how is the best way to identify times to train? The easiest and most effective way is to use a weekly plan diagram. With this you can block out time for work, family, sleep, social commitments and anything else in your life with a fixed schedule. Here is a basic example of what I mean.  


As you can see even with a busy work and family schedule there is plenty of white space available to train. To achieve great results we are only looking to dedicate 3-5 sessions per week lasting for around 45mins. By managing you time correctly you might even find you can exercise even more than that. At The Hybrid Zone we run a variety of classes at different times to fit in with just about any busy schedule. Check out our timetable to see where you can fit some of our classes today.

Author, Alan Williams

Managing Director | Hybrid Trainer | The Hybrid Zone