Goal Setting and Training with purpose


Training for a life event such as a wedding, a holiday or a sporting event can give you purpose to your training and can keep you motivated to keep pushing through the tough times. The sessions you really don't feel like it are a little easier if you know you need to stay focused to fit into that wedding dress.

But what if you don't have such an event in the near future? Are you just training to look and feel good and to stay healthy? Or are you looking to shed some extra Kgs that have been added from Christmas holidays? What can you do to stay motivated and to give your sessions purpose? There are two things that can really help in this area and they are to set goals and track progress. It sounds simple enough but too many times i hear of people training without doing these two key things and before you know it they fall off the wagon and back into old habits. Or they continue with the same workout month after month and never push past their comfort zone. This results in an inevitable  plateau in their progress.   

Setting goals gives you a specific plan of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It also allows you to map out what steps you will take to get there. When goal setting,it's important to have long term goals and short term goals. The long term goal may be the end result to be achieved and the short term goals may be a series of steps to reach the long term goal. Short term goals allow us to break down what might seem an impossibly large task into a series or smaller achievable steps. Attaining these short term goals along the way keeps us motivated to keep going. Success breeds motivation which in turn breeds more success. 

At The Hybrid Zone we can help anyone with the goal setting. We even use a particular process called SMART goal setting to do so which I will explain in more detail in a future blog. 

So now we know setting goals is a good first step in giving our training sessions purpose. But how do we know if we are on track to getting where we want to be? 

Tracking progress will allow us to see if we are moving forward towards our goal and ensure we don't fall into the trap of remaining in our comfort zone. There are many ways to track progress such as measuring weight, body fat and lean muscle. Or using fitness test such as the beep test or a plank test to measure cardio and endurance capabilities. 

At The Hybrid Zone we are constantly setting small challenges for our members that also serve as mini fitness tests that we record and can look back on to measure improvement. These are incorporated into almost all of our classes and allow us to give members constant feedback on their progress.

Probably our most exciting tool we have for tracking our members progress is MYZONE. Our myzone system gives us real time information on a members heart rate, workout intensity and calories burned during a workout. Members wear a myzone heart rate monitor for every workout which connects via bluetooth to our myzone computer. Tv's in a facility display all the information instantly as our members are training and the system records and graphs intensity during training which is emailed to members after their workouts. If you would like to learn a little more about how myzone works watch this short video.

As you can see here at The Hybrid Zone we don't allow our members to drift through their workouts never really knowing if they are training correctly to achieve what they want to. We aim to give every single one of our members purpose to train and to ultimately achieve the results they want. If you would like to take the first step then book yourself a free week trial today.


Author, Alan Williams  | Managing Director | Hybrid Trainer